Best Air Purifiers for Apartments – Buyers Guide

best air purifiers for apartments

In this modern day and age when there are so much dust and pollution all around, it is essential for every homeowner to have a good air purifier in their apartment. Breathing in clean and pure air is vital, and for this, you will need to find the best air purifiers for apartments. Here is everything you need to know about finding the best air purifier for your residence and how you can choose the best one.

After many hours doing thorough research and contacting experts on this topic, we discovered that the best air purifier for apartments is the Germ Guardian. It is very compact and yet powerful enough to clean the air in your apartment. Also, the price range is amazing. You can read more on our impressions with this air purifier further down in this article.

What is the best kind of filters for an air purifier for your apartment?

The main kinds of issues you face in an apartment include dust, dirt, allergens, germs, bacteria, pet hair, and dander.

The best kind of air purifier for your apartment has a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter traps micro particles up to 0.3 microns in size. It effectively traps dirt, dust, small allergens, and even smoke particles from your home.

A Charcoal is also a great kind of filter you should have on your air purifier for your apartment. The charcoal air filter effectively traps all kinds of odors, including smoke, pet odors, and odors from cooking.

Finally, a UV-C filter is excellent for sanitization of the air in your apartment. The UV-C filter reduces airborne bacteria, mold and mildew, germs, spores, and even viruses from your residence. When you are looking for the best air purifier for your apartment, these are the most essential filters you should look out for.

How long do you need to run the air purifier in your apartment?

Ideally, if you stay in your apartment all the time, you should run your air purifier all day and all night long. Running your air purifier 24/7, significantly reduces germs, bacteria, airborne particles, allergens, odors, pet hair and dander and smoke from your apartment. Of course, there are energy settings which you use to be more energy efficient in handling your air purifier in your residence.

If you do not stay at home all day, then you can run your air purifier overnight. Running your air purifier overnight at the lowest setting purifier the air of your home while also being energy efficient and not disturbing your sleep cycle.

Can an air purifier for your apartment get rid of mold and mildew spores?

Yes, if you get an air purifier which has an excellent HEPA filter, you can significantly reduce and even get rid of mold and mildew spores from your home. Since the HEPA filter traps airborne particles up to 0.3 microns in size, and mold and airborne mildew spores are much larger than 0.3 microns, the HEPA filter on the air purifier easily removes the mold and mildew spores from your home.

How often do you need to change the filters on your air purifier?

As for the pre-filters on your air purifier, you need to clean them out once a month regularly and replace them as soon as they wear out.

You can change the HEPA filters on your air purifier just once a year or once in 18 months. It is essential that you regularly check the HEPA filters on your air purifier to check when you need to replace them.

You can change the carbon filters on your air purifier just once every 3 to 6 months.

Finally, you have to clean the permanent filters on your air purifier have every 3 months. You need to check the permanent filters for damage regularly or if they wear out and replace them when required.

What is the best air purifier for an apartment?

After spending many hours doing in-depth research and consulting with experts, this is what we narrowed it down to:

GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier

Our Pick
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Germ Guardian is the best air purifier for small apartments. It comes with a 3 stage filtration that will remove all the germs, dust, or smoke from your home. It is quite compact and doesn’t take up a ton of space, which makes it perfect for small apartments. The quality you get for such a reasonable price range is impressive. Germ Guardian is definitely our favorite, by far!

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Finding the best air purifier for your apartment may not be an easy task. However, the GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier does everything you desire from a great air purifier. The GermGuardian traps all kinds of airborne particles and allergens from your home, dirt, dust, pet hair, mold, mildew spores, and even smoke and odors effectively thanks to its 3 in 1 filters. The HEPA filter,  charcoal filter, and UV-C filter work together to keep the air of your home clean and pure.

With a cord length of 6 inches, you can easily plug your air purifier into any power source in your home to clean the air of that room efficiently.

The 22-inch air purifier is compact with a sleek design so that you can easily place it in any spot of your home without causing a disturbance. The beautiful design fits right in with the rest of the décor of your home.

3 different speed settings on the GermGuardian allow you to use it at a high, medium, or low setting depending upon your requirements. You can also use the small or medium setting for energy saving mode.

Why We Like It:

  • You can use the GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier for rooms up to 167 square feet in size.
  • There is a filter replacement indicator on your air purifier which informs you with a red light when you need to change your air filters.
  • The lightweight design of the air purifier allows you to transport easily and move it around as and when you need to.
  • Tranquil settings on the air purifier so that you the machine does not disturb you as it runs all day and all night long!

What We Don’t Like:

  • On the highest setting, the air purifier can be slightly loud so it can be disturbing for light sleepers.

Solution: You can simply turn your air purifier to the medium or low settings at night so that the noise of the fan does not disturb you! 

Why You Should Get It:

For those apartment owners who are looking for a compact, silent yet efficient air purifier for their home, the GermGuardian Full Room Air Purifier is the best option on the market for you. With the 3 stage filtration process, you can enjoy the purest and cleanest air in your apartment; free of allergens, odors, germs, bacteria, and other airborne particles. Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon!

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