What gets grease stains out of clothes

Getting butter out of clothes – The Easy Way

Had a little cooking accident in the kitchen and now your favorite dress has a nasty butter stain on it? Or maybe your kid decided to have a butter fight with you and now all you can think about is that ugly butter stain mark? Well, there is no need to wrack your brains on getting butter out of clothes, as this article will tell you just that! Here you will read all about homemade solutions as well as special cleaners such as the Carbona Stain Devils, you can get from Amazon now!

What gets butter stains on clothes?

Some of the most common causes of getting butter stains on your favorite items of clothing can be a simple morning task, such as cooking something on the frying pan. Inevitably, there will be oil splatters, and you might just get a few nasty oil stains on the sleeves of your favorite shirt. You can also get a butter stain while eating your favorite butter cookie. However, removing these butter stains doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

How to remove butter stains using laundry detergent

The first thing to remember before cleaning out any kind of butter stains from your clothes is to keep in mind that every different item of clothing will have a different washing instructions. It is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s instructions on the label before attempting to wash the stained clothes yourself.

  1. Now, to remove butter stains from your clothes using laundry detergent, you will need to pour a small amount of a laundry detergent of your choice on to the stained area.
  2. Let the detergent soak for a few minutes, before gently rubbing the stained area, either using your hands, or using a soft brush.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s instructions and soak the stained clothes in the highest temperature which is allowed. You can repeat the steps above a few times until the stain is completely removed, before drying the clothes.

How to remove tougher butter stains with powder and soap

With this method, you can remove stubborn butter stains with the help of powder and soap.

  1. The first step is to sprinkle the butter stained area on your clothes with corn-starch, baking powder, talcum powder or baby powder. Completely cover this stained area with the powder, as the powder will help absorb a lot of the butter.
  2. Allow the powder to sit on the butter stain for at least half an hour.
  3. Now, using a soft bristled brush (do not use a hard brushes because they can ruin your clothes), gently brush away the powder from the stain in swift motions. If the stain is still there, you can repeat the powder process once again.
  4. Now, you can use a dishwashing soap to rub the butter stain.
  5. Submerge the stained peace of clothing in hot water for 20 minutes or so, after which you will remove it and place it under room temperature water.
  6. The butter stain should be totally removed. If it is gone, you can place your clothes to dry, if not, you can repeat the process once again!

Remove butter stains from delicate clothes

Your delicate clothes like suede need to be handled a little more gently than others, so using harsh detergents on them is not the best idea. For your delicate clothings, you can use a paste made of vinegar and corn-starch.

Apply this paste over the butter stained area and let it sit for half an hour, before using a soft brush to remove the paste. Then, using a micro-fibre cloth or a soft cloth, dip some more vinegar on the cloth and rub the stained area to completely remove the stain.

Commercial cleaners to remove butter stains from clothes

While these home remedies might work wonders for most, sometimes, the butter stains are just a little too stubborn to come off. In that case, you can try out some of these commercial cleaners:

Shout Trigger Triple-acting Stain Remover

Shout Trigger Triple-acting Stain Remover
image source: shoutitout.com

Product description

Want to remove that nasty butter stain but also don’t want to accidentally bleach your beautiful colored clothes? Shout stain remover is your magic wand!


  • Easy to spray trigger bottle design
  • Refillable bottle
  • Concentrated formula to work on tough grease stains
  • Works on all kinds of fabrics


  • Can be used on all kinds of colour-fast fabrics
  • Bottle design is economical
  • Can be used on any temperature


  • The solution may not work as well on industrial grease stains

However, if you repeat the process using Shout stain remover a couple of times, you will be able to remove most of the stains from your clothes.


A very versatile product which works on all fabrics in all temperatures, Shout definitely deserves a Shout Out! Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Puracy Natural Stain Remover

Puracy Natural Stain Remover
image source: puracy.com

Product description

For those home-owners with a greener perspective, Puracy Stain Remover is a natural, non-toxic and completely cruelty free formula to remove all your grease stains from your favorite clothes!


  • The formula is powered by 6 plant based enzymes which work like magic
  • All natural ingredients – non-toxic formula
  • Works on all kinds of fabrics


  • Gentle formula that does not cause staining or bleaching colored clothes
  • Biodegradable bottle, environmentally safe
  • Can be used on all kinds of stains


  • Slight citrus odor from the formula

However, this is a completely natural odor, and does not have any chemical effect. After washing the cloth, the odor will disappear.


For those who are more environmentally conscious, Puracy is the best natural stain remover you can find! Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Carbona Stain Devils

Carbona Stain Devils, Fat & Cooking Oil
image source: carbona.com

Product description

Looking for a fast working, butter stain removing solution? Carbona is the product for you!


  • Works on all stains
  • Easy to use bottle
  • Works on colored clothes without issues


  • Works on all fabrics
  • Fast working solution
  • Different varieties of liquids available


  • Some stains need to be soaked for a longer period

Some tougher grease stains will need to be soaked for an hour or so; however, Carbona effectively removes all stains if left on the stain for the recommended period of time!


For removing all your butter stains with no hassle. Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

How to prevent butter stains

Of course, prevention is the best cure! You can try and be extra careful when working with grease in your garage, wear protective clothing, or even a set of old clothes when you are cooking, to prevent grease splatter stains from ruining your favorite clothes! Also read: How to get dried nail polish out of clothes.

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