How to get fragrance oil out of clothes

How to get fragrance oil out of clothes

Fragrance oils can spread some of the most heavenly, long-lasting aromas of your beloved flavors. These oils are highly concentrated, so they can be used diluted with oils, creams, or even water. However, if you happen to spill this oil on your clothes, it could lead to an impending disaster. If you have already had an accident with your favorite oil and are wondering how to get fragrance oil out of clothes, here are a few helpful tips for you. From homemade solutions to special cleaning products, such as the Smells Begone, you can get from Amazon today!

How does fragrance oil spills affect clothes?

When used with caution, fragrance oils can spread a beautiful aroma for hours. However, in case this concentrated oil accidentally spills on your clothes, the smell can last for days, even after washing. The oil stained area can also turn yellow, brown, or even fade the colored clothing due to the acid and alcohol present in the fragrance. You must act fast to remove fragrance oil spills from your clothes.

How to remove fragrance oil out of clothes with talc

If the oil spill is fresh, you must act as quickly as possible to ensure that there is no staining caused by the oil.

  1. Remove the oil-stained clothes immediately and sprinkle some talc or cornstarch generously on top of the oil spill. Now, add a layer of newspapers on top of this, and add another layer of talc or cornstarch on top of this, followed by another layer of paper.
  2. Now, using a hot iron, run the heat over the clothes for a while. The heat from the iron will help the talc and cornstarch to absorb all the oil from the clothes.
  3. You can keep it like this overnight, and clean it off with a soft, dry cloth the next day. Remember to store the clothes in a different place from your other clothes until the smell disappears completely. 

How to remove fragrance oil out of clothes with vinegar

Vinegar has a lot of uses in the household, and it can easily be used to remove fragrance oil off your clothes as well.

  1. Add a few spoons of white vinegar to a bucket of water, and allow your oil stained clothes to soak in the bucket for half an hour.
  2. Take some shampoo or washing liquid and add it to a soft brush. Gently rub the oil stains to remove all traces.

How to remove fragrance oil out of clothes with chalk

  1. Blot the fragrance oil from your stained clothes using a tissue paper. Remember to blot, and not rub, as this will cause the stain to spread and the clothes to get faded
  2. Rub some chalk on top of the oil stains and let it sit for half an hour. Using a spoon, scrape off the chalk and the absorbed oil from the clothes.
  3. Now, using some washing liquid and hot water, rub the stained area either with your hands or with a soft brush.
  4. Put your clothes in the washing machine and wash it as a normal cycle. The fragrance stain, as well as the smell, should be out of your clothes without any trace.

How to remove fragrance oil out of clothes with paper

  • Place a few layers of paper underneath the oil stained area on your clothes, as well as on top of the stained clothes.
  • Place some kind of weight on top of this so that the oil can really get soaked up by the paper from the top as well as underneath the stained area.
  • Let it sit overnight so that the fragrance gets absorbed.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a few drops of dishwashing liquid and pour this over the stained area the next day.
  • Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, before washing it off. 

Commercial cleaners to get rid of fragrance oil from clothes

In case you have spilled fragrance oil which is very concentrated, colored, or has been left stained for a long time, the stain, as well as the smell, can be quite difficult to remove. So your best shot may be a special formula created specifically to remove oil stains. Here is our selection:

Smells Begone

Smells Begone
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Product description

A completely natural formula to remove all traces of fragrances from any surface – Smells Begone!


  • Non-toxic, child and pet safe solution
  • Works effectively to remove all kinds of fragrances without any damage
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces, not just clothes


  • A non-staining solution dissolves and disappears immediately without leaving behind marks
  • Is not flammable, thus, safe to use at home
  • Eco-friendly solution


  • Does not have any odor of its own; simply removes other odors but does not cover them up

However, many people actually do not wish to have an added fragrance. Begone will remove all traces of fragrance oils, leaving it odorless. 


If you are not a fan of fruity smells or any other fragrances and simply wish your clothes to be just clean after a spill, Smells Begone is the product for you! Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Goo Gone Spray Gel

Goo Gone Spray Gel
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  • Safe to use on your clothes without any staining
  • Removes all kinds of oil stains and smells
  • A spray gel formula for easy usage


  • The spray gel formula is especially helpful when you do not wish to cause more staining due to dripping liquids
  • Works on most clothes without a hassle
  • A fast working formula


  • The gel formula can be slightly drippy and liquidy

However, if you do not hang your clothes while using the spray, the liquid texture will not drip down. You can use the spray while keeping the clothes flat on a surface


If you want all traces of fragrance oil stains and smell to be completely gone, Goo Gone is the solution for you! Click here to check the current price on Amazon.

Oil Be Gone

Product description

Truly living up to its name, Oil Be Gone works like a charm for fragrance oil spills from clothes!


  • Completely biodegradable and environment-friendly solution
  • Contains no harmful phosphorous
  • Pulls oil from clothes without causing bleaching


  • Does not create too many bubbles or ‘suds’ when using
  • Removes smells as well as oil stains from clothes
  • Can be used alone or diluted with another laundry detergent according to need
  • Unscented solution


  • Sometimes has to be used for more than one wash for removing tough stains

You can add the solution to every alternate wash load to remove all traces of fragrance oil stains from your clothes


A safe and gentle fragrance oil remover. Click here to check the current price on Amazon. 

How to get perfume smell out of clothes

  1. Take a brown paper bag and fill it up with coffee grounds. These coffee grounds act as a great agent to remove the overall smell from any clothes.
  2. Place your clothes inside the paper bag and allow it to sit undisturbed overnight. Be sure to only pour about 1 cup of coffee grounds into the bag.
  3. Once you have removed the clothing out of the paper bag, you will need to spray the garment with a homemade solution.
  4. Take a spray bottle and fill it up to 2/3rd of the way with cheap vodka. Fill up the rest of the spray bottle with normal water.
  5. Spray this vodka and water solution on to any smelly spots you can find on your clothing, or spray it on the entire garment.
  6. Let this sit undisturbed for about 10 minutes.
  7. Give your clothes for laundering as usual. If you want, you can add a small amount id distilled white vinegar into the machine. However, this is optional.
  8. Allow your clothes to air dry naturally to remove all the perfume smell from your clothes.
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