How to Get Poster Putty off Walls

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How to get poster putty off walls

If you have children then surely getting poster putty of your walls is something very common to you. Poster putty as an adhesive and seems like a much friendlier solution than using pins to attach posters on the walls. However, sometimes, removing poster putty off the walls isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. If you are wondering how to get poster putty off walls, here are some simple, tested solutions that will help you. Later on, you can also read reviews of some special adhesive removers, from Amazon, such as the Goo Gone, that will make your task much easier!

What is poster putty and why does it stick so well?

If you have a poster or a drawing that you want to hang up on your door, walls or any other dry surface without having to make any holes in the wall using pins, screws or nails, poster putty is the perfect solution for you. Poster putty is an adhesive material which can be cut into any size and shape you want. This is then used to attach lightweight objects to dry surfaces.

Due to its adhesive nature, poster putty can get stuck to your walls and be difficult to remove at times.

How to remove poster putty off walls using more poster putty

Funnily enough, you can actually remove poster putty off your walls by using more poster putty!

  1. Use the poster putty knife provided in the package to gently peel off most of the putty off the walls. If you don’t have one, keep reading the post and you will find the one we recommend. 
  2. It is possible that some amount of poster putty might still be stuck to your walls. To remove this, make a small ball out of some fresh poster putty. Now, gently rub it on the poster putty on your walls in a circular motion. Be careful not to use too much friction, as the warmth of your hands can cause the poster putty ball to heat up, making it sticky and causing it to stick further to the wall.
  3. Take the poster putty ball and use it to pick up the remaining poster putty off the walls.
  4. You can even use the help of a light cleaning solution or a citrus-based cleaning solution to remove the stubborn putty. Soak a cotton ball in some cleaning solution and gently press this cotton ball against the remaining putty stuck on the wall. Use the poster putty knife, or your fingernails to scrape off the residue poster putty.

How to remove poster putty using vinegar or rubbing alcohol

  1. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol, or vinegar.
  2. Now, press this soaked cotton ball against the poster putty stuck to the wall and hold it for 30 seconds.
  3. Using a poster putty knife, gently scrape off the putty off the walls.
  4. Use a clean cotton ball soaked in clean water to wipe off the residue rubbing alcohol or vinegar off the walls.

Remove poster putty off walls using trisodium phosphate

Trisodium phosphate is a common, inorganic solution which can be found in most cleaning agents. This can be used to remove poster putty stains as well.

  1. Take a gallon of water, and add 5 tablespoons of trisodium phosphate to make a solution.
  2. Using a sponge or a cotton ball, soak up some of this solution and rub it on the stain. It is recommended to use protective gloves, and keep the doors and windows of your room open when doing this to allow ventilation.
  3. Rinse off the stained area on the wall and let it dry.

Remove poster putty off walls using steam

Steam and heat can often be one of the worst enemies of adhesives. You can use a steamer or the steam from your iron to remove the poster putty off the walls.

  1. Take your steamer or iron, turn it on to the steamer setting, putting it close to the poster putty residue on the wall.
  2. Allow the steam to penetrate and loosen up the adhesive.
  3. Now, using a paper towel, gently scrub the area using firm, circular motions. The poster putty should come off easily without any residue.
  4. If required, you can even soak some dishwashing liquid and water on to your paper towel before using it to scrub the putty off the wall.

Commercial cleaners to remove poster putty off walls

Sometimes, if you allow the poster putty to stay for too long, it might harden and be difficult to remove using these home remedies. In those cases, these commercial cleaners and tools could work wonders:

Red Devil 6-In-1 Scrape Tool

Red Devil 6-In-1 Scrape Tool
image source:

Product description

Before we even go with the special cleaners you need the right tool. I am sure you don’t want to use your fingernails to scrape off the poster putty! Use this 6 in 1 scraper to remove it easily.


  • Stainless steel blade with superior finish
  • 6 tools in 1 – putty remover, gouger, scraper, spreader, and roller cleaner
  • Removes putty easily off walls


  • Long lasting, durable blades
  • Rust-resistant, safe to use
  • Easy to hold handle
  • Multi-angled beveled blades; does not cause damage to the walls


  • Can be flimsy

The blade is slightly flimsy, however, for removing putty off walls, the beveled blade works perfectly if used at a proper angle.


Remove putty residue off your walls easily with Bates putty scraper. Click here to check current price on Amazon.

De-Solv-It Contractors Solvent

De-Solv-It Contractors Solvent
image source:

Product description

Dissolve poster putty residue off your walls with no hustle with the De-Solv-It cleaner!


  • Powerful solution yet gentle on your walls
  • Mild citrus odor
  • A non-toxic formula, safe to use


  • A biodegradable and eco-friendly solution
  • Works on any surface to remove putty
  • Citrus-based solution


  • Has a slight petrol odor

However, use the solution with open windows and doors, and the slight odor should vanish in no time


If you are looking for a powerful but gentle putty cleaning solution, De-Solv-It will completely dissolve all your putty stains with no harmful effects! Click here to check current price on Amazon.

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover
image source:

Product description

Looking for sweet smelling poster putty cleaner that removes adhesives from all surfaces? Goo Gone is your solution!


  • Citrus-based, sweet-smelling formula
  • Works on all kinds of adhesives
  • Completely non-toxic formula


  • Does not damage surfaces with its gentle formula
  • Sweet, citrus smell that makes your room smell great
  • Removes poster putty, crayon stain, gum, glue, etc.


  • The foil under the plastic seal, if removed, can pour out more solution than necessary

There is a very simple fix to this problem, instead of removing the foil as most people tend to do, simply pierce a small hole into the foil. That way the amount of liquid pouring out can be controlled.


An ideal cleaning solution for stubborn, old, putty stains on walls. Click here to check current price on Amazon.

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